These Real Life Horror Stories From Hostels Will Scare The Shit Out Of You!

People say that the time you spend in the hostels is probably the best days of your life. But not these ones, these real life horror stories will really creep you out!

Here are some of the real life horror stories from hostels will scare the shit out of you!

1. The floor full of snakes.

“All the other hostels on campus had functional basement floors. Ours was the only building with an abandoned basement. 

Turns out, a girl from the year before mine had died in her bed after a long battle with food poisoning. She used to live in one of the rooms in the basement.

o when I was there, they got the basement cleaned out. Shit you not, the floor was full of snakes. Like we had been living above a den of snakes for months.”

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2. No peeing in the night!

“The Loyola Hostel is next to the Nungambakkam railway station. Once a woman committed suicide on the tracks and her body was there for a few hours until the cops came to claim it. They say her ghost is still there on those tracks, waiting for hostellers going to the loo late at night. 
You could see her body from just one room. Mine. And the loo was right next to where her body was found.” 

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3. Real life horror stories kinda get stuck around the loo!

“So my roommate entered our room in the night and I wasn’t at my desk or in my bed. Then she saw that the bathroom door was half open, but it was dark inside. She called out my name, and from inside the loo, someone replied ‘Hmm’, and the door creaked slightly so she believed I was inside. She left the room and suddenly saw that I was out in the corridor coming back to my room.”

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4. Okay, this is really scary.

” My hostel was in the middle of a jungle in Gandhinagar. At around 2 AM, a friend from the room next to mine came to my room, sobbing. She told us that they (she & her roommate), very clearly, heard a girl crying at their window. We were on the first floor and there was no way someone could be at the window. My roommate and I went to their room. The lights and fan were switched off and I actually heard the sobbing too, only for a few seconds. Their window faced the jungle.” 

real life horror stories from hostelsvia

5. Creepy door.

“During my hostel days, my friend and I hung out in my room a lot. After she retreated to her own room each night, I usually forgot to lock my door. One night around 2 AM, in my stupor, I heard the door creak. I shrugged it off thinking my friend was messing with me, so I called out to her. But even after a few minutes, the incessant creaking did not stop. So I stood up and walked towards the door. To my horror, I saw a silhouette swoosh by.”

real life horror stories from hostelsvia

6. Don’t try Ouija board in hostels.

“So my friends in the guy’s hostels planned to do the Planchet. A few days back from then, a middle-aged man in the neighbouring area had died and all of us at the hostel knew about it. So apparently, during the Planchet session, the soul of that man visited us. These guys started communicating with him. The soul said, ‘I will not go back, I want to take revenge. My son killed me for property. I want to teach all of them a lesson. My family betrayed me. You have to help me avenge them.’ My friends were shit scared.”

real life horror stories from hostelsvia

7. The view is important.

” I was in Class 9 and my room faced the basketball court. I was told to never look out the window into the court at night because a lady in white roams around. I got my room changed as soon as possible. I wanted a view. “

real life horror stories from hostelsvia

8. These real life horror stories are pretty haunting.

“I had a really good friend in the hostel. She had lost her parents in an accident and it was their anniversary that day. She was really upset and was crying. To console her, we thought we’ll call their spirits and talk to them. So we set up an Ouija board. To everyone’s shock, it spelt out her father’s sister’s name. And no one among us ever knew their names. That was super freaky. “

real life horror stories from hostelsvia

9. Okay, that’s one scary real life horror stories.

“This one particular day, just when I was about to close my eyes, I saw a shadow pass by the window of my room. Seconds later, I felt someone sitting on my chest and pinning me down. Perplexed, I assembled some courage and after minutes of twitching overpowered the body. I was terrified and moved out of the hostel soon.”

real life horror stories from hostelsvia

10. Hostels now graveyards too?

“Once, just to prove that we are badass, we visited the cemetery next to the hostel late at night. I just wanted to prove to others that there’s no such thing as ghosts. All the priests who died during their service are buried there. So I stood there while the others waited at a distance. Nothing happened, so I turned to the others to say it was no big deal until I turned just in time to see a face looking at me from behind the last tomb. For a fleeting second before it was gone. And that freaked the shit out of me.”

real life horror stories from hostelsvia

11. No feet? Definitely one of the real life horror stories

“Middle of night, Singapore, 24-person mixed dorm and we’re awoken by a girl screaming. She screams and screams, but somehow it’s off key? People leap from their bunks, someone turns the light on, we all breathlessly turn to see who is assaulting this woman and prepare to attack him and… she’s asleep.

Turns out she was having a nightmare about a man eating her feet.”

real life horror stories from hostelsvia

12. Hostels are not really that bad. Okay Nvm!

“I was in a hostel in Hong Kong and one of the dudes who worked there stole my clothes and then wore them around the hostel. Totally bizarre.”

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These Real Life Horror Stories From Hostels Will Scare The Shit Out Of You!

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