28 People Talk About The Simplest Thing They Ever Had To Explain To Someone. 

Did you ever have the pleasure of having to explain the simplest thing to a complete idiot who just didn’t get it? If you did then you might relate to these poor souls.

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1. That Moment When You Have To Explain The Reproductive System To A Mother Of Three Kids. 

Explain Simple Thing

And she was 14 years older than her.

2. Does She Think That Cub Is The Female Of Bear As Well? 

Explain Simple ThingThis simplest thing is taught in elementary school. What’s wrong with the education system these days?

3. I’m Starting To Think That There’s Something Wrong With That Particular Generation Of Women. 

Explain Simple ThingOr the female reproductive system is just way too complicated.

4. Doesn’t It Boil Your Blood When You Explain One Simple Thing To Numerous People Again And Again? 

Explain Simple ThingAnd how come people don’t know the difference between a tablet and an iPad? Are they iDiots?

5. I Guess This Was An Honest Misconception. It’s Good That You Took The Time To Explain It. 

Explain Simple ThingThat logic though.

6. That Awkward Moment When This Happens. 

Explain Simple ThingThe concept of our solar system is the simplest thing, right? I mean, an eight-year-old understood it well. Then what’s wrong with these adults?

7. Imagine That Person’s Surprise When He Heard This Truth Bomb. 

Explain Simple ThingSome people just want to watch the world burn.

8. Lmao. Get Well Soon, Mike. 

Explain Simple ThingHope it wasn’t that bad.

9. Is The Person In This Story A Flat Earther? 

Explain Simple ThingBecause they’ve got some of the most fucked up logic you’ll ever see on this globe.

10. I Remember Taking This Screenshot. 

Explain Simple ThingIt had a damn cold. And it’s still summer here.

11. Cow Lives Matter. 

Explain Simple ThingStop animal cruelty.

12. Idiots Will Never Understand Any Simple Thing That You Try To Explain To Them. 

Explain Simple ThingMy faith in humanity took a blow too.

13. Lmao. 

Explain Simplest Thing

The simplest thing.

14. I’m Pretty Sure She Was Being Dumb On Purpose.

Explain Simple ThingChess, not checkers.

15. I Can Imagine Her Pain. 

Explain Simple ThingShe had to explain how they cut pizza slices. Think about that.

16. How To Delete A Word? 

Explain Simple ThingAre you kidding? That’s the most simple thing!

17. I Can’t Belive We Live In The 21st Century. 

Explain Simple ThingAnd people like this still continue to exist.

18. Hahahahahahahahaha. 

Explain Simple ThingThat must have been so painful for you mate.

19. Poor Calves. 

Explain Simple ThingAnd poor cows.

20. Okay. I Gotta Admit They Can Be A Little Tricky At First. 

Explain Simple ThingNo worries old man.

21. Lmao. I’m Sorry But Why Are These People Allowed To Breathe My Oxygen? 

Explain Simple ThingWhy?

22. Nuclear Explosions Right? 

Explain Simple ThingYou explain one simple thing to them and it blows their mind.

23. Wow. 

Explain Simple Thing

Is it weird that a virgin guy knows about the V than this grown woman? No right?

24. YES!

Explain Simple ThingDon’t ever do that you stupid idiot!

25. Space Is Made Up Lol. 

We should launch these people into deep space. Why doesn’t NASA fund that?

26. True. 

Explain Simple ThingI feel sorry for her.

27. Oh, My God. 

Explain Simple ThingI’m glad it didn’t.

28. No Words. 

Explain Simple ThingBut I’m judging you inside.

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28 People Talk About The Simplest Thing They Ever Had To Explain To Someone. 

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