Countries Where Men Are Big Because Size Matters

We, humans, have accomplished a lot since our start. We have landed on the moon and even conquered the land of Mars through probes. We have evolved so much through technology, but the question about the size of the manhood is still debated. The questions come to another level when researches start to compare the size of the manhood from different countries and taking out an average of it. And guess what, the answer lies in South America and Africa.

So check out our list of the countries where men are big because of size matters!


The average size here is over 6.4 inches. Sudan is a country that is full of the red oceans, volcanic lakes, and quieting waterfalls, with a lot of exquisite resorts. So, to all the women out there, keep your eyes on the men from Sudan.


This country sits just above the country of Sudan when it comes to the size of the man’s manhood. The average size is about 6.5 inches, and this country is not from Africa or South America but is from Europe.



Not too far from Hungary but just slightly ahead, is Bolivia, which is country from South The man weapon of Bolivian men is around 6.51 inches in length. The irony is, the biggest footprints of a dinosaur were also found in Bolivia.


This country is one of the very fewer known countries of the world, but after learning the fact we will tell, you will keep the name of this country in your minds. The men of this country are said to have an average size of their tool to be around 6.57 inches. This is way too much, considering that of the rest of the world.


The religion of Christianity indicates that Jesus Christ had made his first marvel in Lebanon. And believe us, people would not have realized that his second supernatural occurrence had favored Lebanese men, with a big 6.6 inches long tool.


You might not know, but this country has the largest proven oil reserves in the world, and if you are not surprised by this, you might be surprised that men from Venezuela have an average size of 6.7 inches when it comes to their manhood.


The reason why this country is so popular is due to Shakira. And, the other reason that writes the name of this country in big things, is the average size of the man’s manhood which is over 6.71 inches.


Ghana is among the most resourceful countries in Africa, as it’s the biggest supplier of cocoa beans and gold, in the entire world. Another fact that we might know about Ghana is, it also supplies big dark beasts that are over 6.8 inches when it comes to average size.


Ecuador is a country in the continent of South America, and the country has a crazy size of manhood. Even the full size of men in other countries will be beaten with just the normal size of this country with an average size of 7 inches.


Many Gorillas and considerable Chimps are found in Congo. The country is also known for its dangerous and large anaconda snakes, but snakes are not the only things that are large here. With a crowned average size of 7.1 inches, the Republic of Congo is the king when it comes to the average size of the manhood.