12 Reasons Why Men Can’t Resist Thinking About Boobs.

We all know how much time men spend obsessing over boobs. Women’s body is like a wonder world to men. You cannot imagine the amount of time they spend thinking about this. Girls might think it’s a little exaggerating, right? But there are some solid reasons which explain the obsession with boobs.

1. They look attractive.

Obviously, it’s the best thing. Irrespective of shape, size boobs itself are adorable to them.

2. Cleavage.


Not everytime boys are lucky to get a sneak peek but cleavages are enough to raise the temperature and instigate their imagination.

3. Because of it, every dress looks perfect.


Well maybe not for girls, but a man certainly is amazed by seeing how the cloth perfectly drapes the boobs and looks seemingly beautiful.

4. Boobs are why lingerie came into existence.

And guys just find lingerie too sexy. It’s the best two piece men can think of. Those lacy lingeries are a perfect turn on to start with.

5. Boobs are ultra responsive.

Men love the feeling when they caress them and the nipples instantly indicate how good they are.

6. It feels so good to touch them.

Boys would choose boobs over PS4 anytime. They just love the soft feel of it. They want to grab them, squeeze them, lick them, kiss them, nibble them, bite them.

7. And they are even better to taste.

For some reason, men find in divine to kiss, lick and nibble them. They can’t seem to resist the thirst.

8. They look amazing from all angles.

When girls are stretching, when they are leaning forward, when they are lying straight or side view. It’s attractive from every angle.

9. The incredible feeling when it touches against the body.


Men cannot explain, but 60% arousal already happened even with the slightest rub against the body.

10. World’s best pillow.

That’s so true. Men cannot think of any better pillow than this. Boobs are soft, comfortable and on top of that men get the added advantage of hugging you.

11. We run after those things which we can’t have.

Just because nature has not provided men with boobs, they want it more and more. That is one of the reasons they find it so fascinating.

12. Boob jobs.

Doesn’t that instantly turn you on? It is the best thing that could ever happen to men. That is why they love your boobs so much.